Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sculpture Quilting Classes with Carolyn Crump

Over the weekend of the 5th through the 7th, I took three Sculpture Quilting classes with Carolyn Crump. She is a dynamic fiber artist from Houston, Texas.

The class was very intense with very long hours. Some of the technique learned were:

Enjoy the pics of some of my projects I created during the classes

2-D quilting
3-D quilting - Mask making

Monoprinting fabric
Alcohol dispersion dying (fabric)
Fabric painting

Carolyn Crump

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Newest Style: Collage Quilting

I've started expanding my style of quilting and have become addicted to creating what I like to call "collage quilts".

You can find these quilts in Eula boutique right now for purchase.

Narrative Arts, The Supreme Orator Exhibition

Last Saturday, my "Unparalleled Journey" quilt that I made in honor of the 44th Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama was included in the "Narrative Arts, The Supreme Orator" exhibition opening at the Kennedy Heights Arts Center. This was their 2nd invitational exhibit of this year.

Other artists included, but were not limited to, Cynthia Lockhart; Joyce Young, and Kyle & Kellie Phelps. The exhibit included quilts, photography, paintings, jewelry, and mixed medium and media pieces.