Friday, August 28, 2009

Global Lead Art Gallery Exhibit

These are some of my quilts that are hanging up in the Global Lead Art Gallery here in Cincinnati for their "Building on Tradition-Contemporary Quiltmaking" exhibition.

They've been up for the past 3 months and came down yesterday but I still wanted to share a few of them with you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Seeds of a Dream" Quilt

I was commissioned by Kennedy Heights Arts Center to create a quilt in celebration of their 5 year anniversary. I talked about this back in April when I had first started to draft ideas for it and had given you a sneak peek of my progress.

Here is the finished project:

The symbolism of it....

The founders' names are placed all around the seeds to reflect that they sewed the seeds that took root and formed the foundation of the arts center. The branches of the tree are the collective hands of a community that worked together to create a vision for the art center. Inside of the crystal ball is the Kennedy Heights Arts Center building.

If you're in the Cincinnati area, stop by the center to see the quilt among the other great works of art displayed.

Kennedy Heights Arts Center
6546 Montgomery Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45213

"Honey's Mango Bop" Quilt

On June 23rd, 2009, my "Honey's Mango Bop" quilt was one of the many featured in the "TEXTURAL RHYTHMS: CONSTRUCTING THE JAZZ TRADITION -- CONTEMPORARY AFRICAN AMERICAN QUILTS" exhibition opening at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City.

The venue was packed with art, quilt, and jazz lovers all around.

Great works from artists included Carolyn Crump and Carolyn L. Mazloomi, who organized the exhibition.

I couldn't be there so my daughter went to represent for me and even signed a book on my behalf.

The exhibit will be there till October 11th. To learn more about it and museum, Click Here

Newsletter in the Making

Be on the look out!

I've been working with my daughter to create my Quilting & Lifestyle newsletter. Writing is a lot of work! But I have a lot of ideas and am excited to get the ball rolling on this.

If you would like to receive the newsletter once publishing begins, leave a comment with your email address and you will be added.